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 conférence E3 2011 - le script

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MessageSujet: conférence E3 2011 - le script   Lun 13 Juin - 12:41

J’ai pris quelques notes sur les 45 premières minutes de video (source La suite viendra plus tard, car là j'ai l'impression que mon cerveau va exploser pale . Have fun ^^

Link’s awakening available today on eShop
Next week-end Ocarina of Time 3D - new sense of realism when you’re riding your horse – included mirrored Master Quest mode & Boss Challenge mode
September, Four Swords available as a free download on DSi
Skyward Sword out word wild this holiday season for Wii – WM+ - special gold Wii remote available as a promotion when we launch the game
25th anniversary symphony concerts in each region around the world
Ocarina of Time 3D official soundtrack CD as a gift to those to be the first to register the game
Other CD based on 25th anniversary symphony concerts in conjunction with the release of Skyward Sword

A game plateform that is equally satisfying for all players is exactly what we intend to create with our new home platform - deeper game experiences than what even the most passionate gamer has realized before and wider appeal to all gamers
For Nintendo that goal of innovation is to serve every player
New home console for next year
This year, bold new experiences coming from 3DS, several of the franchises you know so well are moving into 3D : Mariokart, Starfox, Super Mario, Kid Icarus, Luigi’s Mansion

You want what you’ve always wanted and you also want something new
You wanna play things, and things to look like they always have or you want the buzz of the new
You want comfortable AND you want surprise
Contradictions ? No problem - possible to deliver something for everyone – as Mr Iwata suggested with our new home console, this is exactly what we’re also aiming for with 3DS
New headline titles for 3DS :
Mariokart : possibilité de voler avec un deltaplane, conduite sous-marine, personnalisation avancée du kart – into the stores this holiday season
Starfox : the 3D is entirely real – use buttons for traditional control or turn the hardware itself – group play : cameras record every reaction weither they’re on your tail or you’re on theirs– in US stores this September
Super Mario : The first 3D Mario adventure created for a portable system - before the year is over
Kid Icarus Uprising : multiplayer action - augmented reality cards - comes to retail later this year
The first brother of video games is back, and he’s got his vacuum ! = Luigi’s mansion 2 – entirely new game making extraordinary use of 3D, featuring several new mansions

Wild range of third-party developers hard at work on games :
Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D, Capcom Entertainment Inc.
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Sega
Ace combat 3D, Namco Bandai Games America Inc.
Tetris, Tetris Online Inc
Cave Story 3D, NIS America Inc.
Resident Evil Revelations, Capcom Entertainment Inc.
Driver Renegade, Ubisoft
Pac-Man & Galaga dimensions, Namco Bandai Games America Inc.
Tekken 3D, Namco Bandai Games America Inc.
Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D, Konami Digital Entertainment

New world of content opened up overnight, downloading the enhanced internet browser and the Nintendo eShop will move you well beyond anything Nintendo offered before – you can search for game info, and you’ll find multiple videos and screenshots – this week’s system update is also the key to unlocking ten separate 3D game trailers and game demos will also be available later this year, for either downloadable or retail software.
Virtual Console service just for Nintendo 3DS – classic portable games starting with Game Boy, and Game Boy Color. Classic console titles, games given new life with the 3D make over.
As to make sure you understand how quick and easy this process is, for a limited time, you’ll receive a free 3D version of an old friend, 3D Classics Excitebike.
The biggest download news from Nintendo 3DS concerns one of the biggest franchises in video game history : Pokémon. For the first time, Pokémon will spring to life, not only in 3D, but also in the real world. Owners of the Pokémon Black and Pokémon White versions are familiar with the Podédex, an item given to them in the game that registers and indexes over 150 new Pokémon. With Nintendo 3DS, an enhanced Pokédex has arrived on the platform. When you first start Pokédex 3D, they’re will be 16 Pokémon registered. In order to complete your Pokédex, you’ll need to collect the data for the remaining Pokémon, the Spotpass, receive them from friends, or by scanning special AR marquers. You can search and sort, filter the data in a multiple ways, making it the essential tool for fans. Each Pokémon also has a special Pokémon AR marquer, and with it, the Pokémon image can be superposed in real world backdrops, weither that’s your living room or the Grand Canyon. You can assemble a scene with several Pokémon together, save it to your SD card, and load it out to your PC, to share it with your friends. Pokédex 3D is available exclusively through the Nintendo eShop, on the Nintendo 3DS. it’s not in stores. And it couldn’t be easier to get your hands on it. Just perform the simple system update, and you’ll only need a couple of clicks to find your Pokédex. It’s our gift to you.
In all, Nintendo 3DS means Social, it means Connection, it redefines Interaction and it delivers it all in full 3D display.

Of course, there is one more order of business left for us today, to make the proper introduction to a new gaming companion. You might remember how the Wii name began to make perfect sense once you started hearing it as We. It was clear how much fun We all had playing together. Even with people who weren’t gamers before. But in thinking about the new Nintendo system, we knew the prevailing thought would be this : Yes, the game will probably still be right for all of us, but could it also be a perfect fit just… for you ? In fact, we’re so convinced of it that we put that pronoun right in the name. So today, welcome to the word of Wii U. It’s a system we will all enjoy together, but also one that‘s clearly made… for you. The other word associations are easy. Is it unique, unifying, maybe even utopia ? The answer is also yes to all of this and here’s the reason why : this is the new controller for Wii U. It’s different from anything you’ve played before. It’s infinitely complex and yet perfectly simple, all at the same time. It can change the way you game personally, and it can change the way you interact with your family, and friends. To begin explaining, let’s take a little quick pic at Wii U in action.

Switch from TV to the New Controller
Draw on the New Controller
Play only on the New Controller
Use Motion to Control with the New Controller
Get New Views with the New Controller
Stay Fit with the New Controller, free from TV
Take Aim with the New Controller
Play Across the New Controller and Your TV
Make Video Calls with the New Controller
Browse with the New Controller
Share From the New Controller to TV
Get More Detail with the New Controller
Coming to your living room in 2012

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Super nintendomaniac
Super nintendomaniac

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MessageSujet: Re: conférence E3 2011 - le script   Lun 13 Juin - 18:19

Excellente idée ces notes ! Merci pour ce travail assez titanesque je dois dire ^^
J'en peux plus d'attendre Skyward Sword ! *-*
Y'a du lourd de prévu en tout cas, tant mieux pour nous ! Very Happy
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Le Collectionneur Ultime
Le Collectionneur Ultime

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MessageSujet: Re: conférence E3 2011 - le script   Lun 13 Juin - 18:42

I don't speak english but bon boulot quand même !
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MessageSujet: Re: conférence E3 2011 - le script   Mar 14 Juin - 18:26

Après je ferai la traduction ^^
Mais déjà tout écouter en english et tout retranscrire, c'est sacrément long !
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MessageSujet: Re: conférence E3 2011 - le script   Dim 30 Oct - 10:53

I believe this video may have answered some questions, but it probably raised several others too. So please let me provide a little more explanation. Up until now, all consoles games had to occupy the TV screen in order to be played, but the new controller for Wii U with 6.2 inch screen view in, means you won't need to give up your game play when someone else comes into the room and wants to watch a TV program. Of course, it's backward compatible, so all Wii games, remote controllers and others accessories such as the Wi balance board can be used. For example, to weight yourself with Wii Fit, there is no need to use the big screen TV. But this device is designed to appeal to all people, particularly the most experienced and dedicated players.
The new controller includes two analog circle pads, a + control pad, as well as both ZL and ZR buttons, and the addition of L and R buttons. Also, it enables the rumble feature, but that's not all. The Wii U controller also includes a touch screen, a microphone, speakers, and accelerometers, a gyroscope, and an in-light facing camera. Just as the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U was created so that the widest variety of games can be supported. That means those aim at experienced players who can handle a number of buttons and circle pads using both their hands, and those games which can be played really intuitively without the need for any button or stylus input. However, please understand that it was not designed to be a portable video-game machine, even though it shares some characteristics. The images displayed on the new controller are generated only by Wii U, they are wirelessly transmitted without latency issues.
You can play in a number of ways, connect with a HD TV, in the traditional way and you can enjoy the most up to date high quality HD images, even without using the screen, in your hands. Or you can place the new controller by itself on a table and play without the need for a TV at all. Or games can be structured to use two screens at the same time. The examples you saw on the video area such as playing baseball, golf, using the new zapper, are only a few of the possibilities. We decided on this new structure for Wii U because we want to create a strong bond between games, your TV, and the Internet. And also similar between you, your friends and your family, all interacting in the same room. This can include web browsing, using the big screen for sharing the photos or videos you found on line, or enjoying video-chat on the Wii U controller, even while watching a TV program. It's a new structure for home entertainment. But to be sure the most important factor for gamers is how this new structure can be incorporated into game-play. So let's hear first from the developers who have given the most thought so far to new possibilities. Mister Miyamoto.

We can make games that you play only in the palm of your hands, even when something else is on TV, and we can also make entertainment that uses both the TV and the smaller screen. It's up to the designers to decide how to use this, based on the best for the games they're making. The hardware has so far capability, so the game can be designed both ways. More than anything, I'm really looking forward to new stands of play in which we haven't thought of yet. I think this has a lot of possibilities. I think they won't be short of ideas. I think as the third-party developers are also thinking about their new ideas, then our vision for the future of the Wii U console will include numerous, numerous ways to play.

As Mister Miyamoto indicated, we are facing an unusual situation and, as a developer myself, I also feel this.The ideas are popping up one after an other, and we are not alone. A few months ago, I explained the concept of Wii U to Mister Sakurai, who was developing Kid Icarus. We were discussing which platform his next game should be developed for, Nintendo 3DS or Wii U. What Mister Sakurai suggested then, was to make Smash Brothers for both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. To make it work together on both platforms. Well, since his team is still involved in the final lock for the Kid Icarus, maybe I shouldn't go into any details today. But I think I have just promised you that Smash Brothers will be developed for Nintendo 3DS and for Wii U, and the softwares will work together in some fashion. Of course, this is a product for the future, but here in LA, there is Wii U software to play this week. Let me call Reggie back to the stage and ask him to explain.

Thank you Mister Iwata. Standing that Wii U will change the way you play games is a pretty bold desertion. So this week, we're providing tangible proof. In the convention center, you're going to find eight different interactive experiences. Now, please note : those from Nintendo are not prototypes of actual games, they're just interactive demonstrations. Let me show you just an early example of what the system can do.

video oiseau dans un paysage japonais.

Let me highlight a couple of more experiences, and to do that, I'm going to focus on how the new controller can change things. The first is simple : something that looks a lot like New Super Mario Brothers Wii, but in this conceptual state, it's being called New Super Mario Brothers Me. That's right, you and me players wild along side (?) Mario, and you can watch the action on either of the screens. Second, the new controller can now take the game world off the TV, and spread it all around you, but to appear into it from any angle. This one is called shied pose, and if you don't move the new controller back and forth, up and down, pirate heroes are going to come for you from all directions, and find their mark. Third, a new form of multiplayer. Chase me, is set in a familiar-looking Nintendo world, but that world looks very different, depending whether you're holding a wii remote or the new controller. If you've got the new controller, you've got a birds eye view of the four folks trying to catch you, and that definitely improves your odds. On the show floor, make sure to try both prospectives. Finally, we planned that same idea to create a different kind of shooter. Two galactic fighters on the ground are shooting up at a space ship, and up there, the pilot is looking down, blasting away from his view point. Award you in advance, it's not easy, but man it's a lot of fun. Now, to repeat, what I've just described are prototypes, not actual games. But I can announce one title that is in development for Wii U. Nintendo will publish The Lego City Stories in partnership with Tt games, a warner brothers entertainment company. This will be a new installment in the Lego series, that sold over sixty million copies in North America and Europe. More than half of those are sold on Nintendo platforms, so it always seems feeling that Lego City Stories, a new open-world game, tattooed with action, humor and a all city full of Lego vehicles is coming exclusively to both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. In fact, developers from around the world see the vast promise of Wii U, but you don't have to take my word for it. Here's a sample of what they're saying.

Peter Moore, President, EA Sports
Karthik Bala, CEO, Vicarious Visions
Danny Bilson, Executive Vice President of Core Games, THQ. Darksiders II
Yves Guillemot, CEO, Ubisoft Entertainment. Assassin's Creed - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online
Martin Trembay, President, WB Interactive Entertainment. Batman Arkham City
Jeremiah Slaczka, CEO and Creative Director, 5th Cell
Katsuhiro Harada, Chief Game Director, Namco Bandai Games.Tekken, Wii Successor
Ken Levine, Creative Director, Irrational Games
Warren Spector, Vice President & Creative Director, Junction Point, Disney Interactive Media Group
Franck Gibeau, President, EA Games.

This is exactly what it takes, to shape the future.

Darksiders II, THQ
Dirt, Codemasters
Aliens Colonial Marines, Sega
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online, Ubisoft
Metro Last Night, THQ
Tekken, Namco Bandai Games
Ninja Gaiden 3 : Razor's Edge (working title), Tecmo Koei

Everything you see this week is just the first pass, we've got a lot to look forward to, when they arrive in final form.

I'm very happy that some many developers already are responding to the potential for creating a new structure for home video game system, we are proposing with U. It can satisfy all taste, with deeper game-play action and wide appeal. To lend one final prospective, we have invited Electronic Arts, the most successful independent publisher in industry history, to join us on stage. Please join me in welcoming the COO PA, Mister John Riccitiello.

Thank you Iwata-san, Thank you Reggie. Over the years, I've made E3 appearances with several console partners, but never before with Nintendo. What brings us together today is the breakthrough in our relationship, based on a standing breakthrough in game technology. When Nintendo's new console delivers speaks to rakely (?) to the players of EA Sports and EA Games. Nintendo's new console will produce brilliant high definition graphics, and new game-play opportunities. we look for to seeing great EA content on this new platform. Imagine playing football with an innovative new controller, that takes all that data, all that play calling, off the big screen, leaving with the sharper, more personal, more immersive HD experience. Imagine a shooter, like Battlefield, with job wrapping graphics, its smooth character animations at the first ? engine, brought to you on a Nintendo system, that breakthrough controller. Now imagine those games with an open, on-line functionality, that allows you to download new content, find matches, compete on leader boards and participate in a global community. In final way, imagine these EA Games on a console with content, game players community that can be extended to mobile (?), social networks, as well as the web. Over the past months, we've been telling our employees, and consumers, that EA is undergoing a transformation. We're changing games from the thing that you buy to the place where you go. Nintendo's next console is truly transformational as well. A better platform that we've over been offered by Nintendo, deeper on-line capability, and all of it driven by an unprecedented partnership between Nintendo and Electronic Arts. Thank you, we can't wait to see EA games on this new system.

Thank you John. I wanna conclude this morning by asking you to consider four platforms. Nintendo DS, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U. Think about what they represent together. Each of this platforms is unique, but they share a common pedigree. It's called innovation. The two screens and touch screen of Nintendo DS changed gaming. The motion control of Wii changed gaming. Last year, in this theater, you found out that glasses free 3D could change gaming. And now, there is Wii U. This week, you'll have the chance to hold Wii U's new controller in your hands, and find out what happens when a second window opens to your game-world. Our presentation this morning is just the beginning, and the experience continues, right now, whether you're here in the Nokia theater, or watching on-line. If you're here onside, hands on begins with those key new Nintendo 3DS games, as soon as you walk out the doors behind you. It's a special chance to get a jump start on the show. When you're over at the convention center, there is also hands on with eight Wii U experiences, as well as a celebration of Zelda the 25th anniversary celebration of Zelda. And for all of you who've been watching on-line, first of all, thanks for joining us. And secondly, consider this : this year, the Nintendo network is back at E3, and it's even better. Our crews will be waiting in the line so you'll have to, and here's what they'll bring you : daily updates, exclusive content for game fans around the world, interviews with key developers, and an in-depth look in our revolutionary new controller for Wii U. On top of that, look for the newest game trailers and game guides for titles we announced today. It truly is material you won't see anywhere else. So please check back regularly at In short, at home, or onside here in LA, you've got incredible new game world to explore this week.
And behalf of all of us, thanks for your attention today, and let the exploration begin. Enjoy the show.

ouf... c'est fini !
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MessageSujet: Re: conférence E3 2011 - le script   

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conférence E3 2011 - le script
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